The method


A tension towards full harmony and a healthy physical, mental and social balance , and not simply the absence of disease


A healthy individual is therefore not only free from diseases, but has achieved the right balance and harmony between his body and his mind; a state that no one acquires at birth, but which must be achieved through several steps and a lot of effort from the first years of life.

The problem

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the great evils of civilized countries, a problem that seems to be increasing more and more over the years, thanks to a series of bad habits that are learned from childhood.

During the recent Vienna Declaration, the need to implement physical activity practices in children for health and a better quality of life was emphasized (WHO, 2013).

Motor activity for children is of fundamental importance especially in the age group from 0 to 6 years as it helps to develop EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS, i.e. cognitive functions such as cognitive flexibility, inhibition (self-control and ability to wait which is increasingly less present in today's children ), working memory, problem solving, planning and attention.

A real motor activity project

This is not a psychomotor project (an activity that aims to use the body to achieve objectives such as the development of the personality understood as a unity of body, mind and emotion, in the different phases of growth and life) but rather a real project of physical activity aimed at all children in nursery schools, nursery schools and primary schools; depending on the age group to which it is addressed, this method uses targeted exercises for the development of basic motor patterns and stimulates the main executive functions resulting in physical (health), emotional (socialisation, self-esteem) and cognitive (executive functions) well-being .


The solution could be the Fiabe Motorie project

The use of fairy tales helps the child to connect the fantasy world to movement, to identify with a character and consequently to live the experience with exciting involvement.

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Each exercise is meticulously studied

Recent studies on mirror neurons have demonstrated how the child learns about his emotions through the imitation of movement.

Each exercise is meticulously designed to train certain motor patterns and precise movements in a physically conditioning way (the activity is vigorous and intense).
executive functions, all seasoned with the essential ingredient which is that of the fairy tale, the true driving force of this useful method which aims to become a universal and widespread tool throughout Italy as it combines motor skills and imagination, giving the children who practice it physical well-being , cognitive and emotional.

Based on scientific criteria

Fiabe motorie is a registered trademark in the field of motor activities, all the instructors and educators are graduates and undergraduates in motor sciences with specializations in the pre-school and school fields, training/education sciences and have been, through specialized courses, appropriately trained in the methodology, it also makes use of the collaboration of various Italian and international experts in the motor, neuroscience and psychopedagogical fields, in order to offer a global tool, based on scientific criteria and therefore educationally valid.

The results are surprising

The results are surprising, thanks to our observation and the constant feedback from parents we have noticed how our method helps our children improve physical performance, but above all cognitive and socio-relational performance. Our programs and products are oriented towards research because we believe that it is the key to development and innovation, or rather the desire to change for the better, as demonstrated by the numerous collaborations in the international field which have the aim of setting a future scientific research that demonstrates what we empirically observe on a daily basis.

The magic of the fairy tale

Children need to be stimulated and the magic of the fairy tale is the right ingredient to bring them closer to movement and to that definition of Health that we would all like to achieve.

The well-being of future humans now depends on us. Making them grow is a constant commitment. Seeing them smile is a unique satisfaction.

Testimonials of the applied method

Beautiful daughter got along very well with the instructors both in terms of friendliness and
competence! In the evening he always showed me what he learned! Too bad the meetings are already over!

Egle C. Camilla's mother

"I tend to believe that a teacher is a great artist and Marco is one, he knows how to enchant children with his
his motor fairy tales, he knows how to make each of them love him and they always approach the lesson with great enthusiasm
enthusiasm. Marco's method of providing motor education by playing is suitable for every individual

Stefania M. Mother of Alessio and Simone

My 3 and 5 year old children welcomed it with enthusiasm and every time it is a great joy for them to go because they have so much fun learning the various paths that the teachers propose representing the chosen fairy tale.

Milena C. mother of Pietro and Domenico