[PDF] A sea of ​​games 2/3 years
[PDF] A sea of ​​games 2/3 years
[PDF] A sea of ​​games 2/3 years

Fiabe Motorie

[PDF] A sea of ​​games 2/3 years

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What is it?

Age: 2 - 3

Playing time: 60 min

PDF format

12 pages, an hour of games! Download the PDF to start an exciting adventure now!

Children need to be stimulated and the magic of the fairy tale is the right ingredient to introduce them to movement. Through an engaging experience they will become the protagonists of surprising games and interactive motor paths useful for strengthening the main gross motor skills and basic cognitive functions, essential skills for being happy and successful in school life.
For Fiabe Motorie®, raising your children is a constant commitment. Seeing them smile is a unique satisfaction.

The Motor Fairy Tales method

Watch the Fiabe Motorie® video to learn about the method applied in our PDFs, then scroll down to read the product specifications.


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