1st module Webinar Motor Fairy Tales Recorded video course
1st module Webinar Motor Fairy Tales Recorded video course


1st module Webinar Motor Fairy Tales Recorded video course

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🌈 **Discover the Magical World of Motor Fairy Tales with the Video Course dedicated to Donata the Forgetful Little Fish! 🐠📚**

A unique adventure awaits you! 🚀 Immerse yourself in the depths of the sea with Donata and discover how to train mobility, balance and working memory through Motor Fairy Tales®. Our 3-hour video course is the key to fun and meaningful learning!

🕒 **The Video Course Programme:**

**1. Introduction and Guidelines (1 hour):** An in-depth overview of our method, offering you the fundamental guidelines to fully understand the power of Motor Fairytales®. Get ready to transform the way you teach and learn!

**2. Theory and Training (1 hour):** Learn more about Motor Fairy Tales® know-how, acquiring theoretical and practical skills that will guide you through a unique approach to training working memory through movement. 🤯💡

**3. Practical Exercise (1 hour):** Immediately put into practice what you have learned with an engaging story and an interactive game. Experience the power of Motor Fairy Tales® and get ready to transform your teaching or work with new and exciting methodologies!

🌊 **Why Participate in this Video Course?**

1. 🧠 **Global Development:** An approach that involves mind and body, stimulating children's complete growth through play and movement.

2. 📚 **Exclusive Know-how:** Acquire skills that go beyond theory, giving you the foundation to create your own unique and engaging motor stories.

3. 🚀 **Ready to Use:** Get practical tools you can implement immediately, making your work or educational experience more dynamic and effective.

💻 **How ​​to Participate:**

1. 🛒 **Buy the Video Course:** Add the video course to your cart and complete the secure payment.

2. 📧 **Receive Access:** After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the video course.

3. 🚀 **Begin the Adventure:** Discover the world of Motor Fairy Tales® and transform your educational practice or your work into something extraordinary!

👉 **Buy Now and give Donata an Unforgettable Journey into the World of Motor Fairy Tales! 🌟🐠 #MotorFairytales #Videocourse #WorkMemory**

Get ready for a revolutionary learning experience that will change the way you look at education and movement! 🌈


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