Motor Fairy Tales Soccer Academy video course


Motor Fairy Tales Soccer Academy video course

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⚽📚 ** Motor Fairy Tales Soccer Academy® - Magic and Fun in Football for Children! 🌟**

Discover a magical way of teaching the game of football to nursery school children with our exclusive video course, the Fiabe Motorie Soccer Academy®! Acquire the essential know-how to make every football match an exciting and fun experience for the young talents of your school.

🎓 **The Video Course Programme:**

1. 🏟️ **Theory and Training (30 min):** Immerse yourself in the fundamental principles of the Fiabe Motorie Soccer Academy®. Learn how to structure a meeting, involve children and create a stimulating environment.

2. ⚽ **Practical Exercises (1 hour):** Immediately put into practice what you have learned. Experiment with various individual and collective games, all centered around a fairy tale, to immediately start entertaining the kids at your football school.

🌈 **Why choose the Fiabe Motorie Soccer Academy®:**

1. 🧠 **Unique Method:** The combination of fairy tales and football makes learning an engaging and stimulating experience for children.

2. ⚽ **Fun Guaranteed:** Creative games and hands-on activities ensure fun while learning fundamental soccer skills.

3. 🌟 **Progressive Approach:** The video course follows a gradual approach, providing the theoretical foundations and then moving on to practical exercises, ensuring complete understanding.

💻 **How ​​to Access the Video Course:**

1. 🛒 **Buy the Video Course:** Add Fiabe Motorie Soccer Academy® to your cart and complete the secure payment.

2. 📧 **Receive Access:** After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the video course.

👉 **Buy Now and Bring the Magic of Football into Children's Lives with Fiabe Motorie Soccer Academy®! ⚽🌟