Motor activity kit + 10 stories


Motor activity kit + 10 stories

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🏆🎨 **Complete Motor Fairy Tales Kit®️ - A World of Magic and Movement! 🌟**

Bring magic to your children's motor training with our Complete Motor Fairy Tales®️ Kit! This exceptional kit includes a wide range of technical material and 10 engaging stories in PDF format, offering an extraordinary movement experience.

📦 **Kit Contents:**

1. 🌀 **Technical Equipment:**

- 1 Tube

- 50 Balls

- 10 Circles

- 20 Chinese of various colours

- 2 Pairs of Footprints

- 2 Pairs of Handprints

- 6 Obstacles

- Harnesses (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)

- 15 Meters of Rope

- 1 Hook

- 2 Pirate Bandanas

- 2 Magic Wands

- 1 Santa Claus hat

- 100 LEGO pieces

- 1 Magic Lamp

2. 📚 **10 Stories in PDF:** Each story is accompanied by a detailed description of the story and all the exercises included. A total of 10 physical activity sessions, each lasting 50/60 minutes, for a workout full of magic and fun.

🌈 **Why Choose the Complete Motor Fairy Tales®️ Kit:**

1. 🧠 **Integral Development:** Each exercise is designed to stimulate both the body and the mind, ensuring complete development.

2. 🎉 **Variety of Materials:** From colorful balls to hoops and pirate bandanas, the kit offers a variety of materials to keep training interesting.

3. 🌟 **Magic and Fun:** Engaging stories and creative exercises transform physical activity into a magical and fun experience.

🛒 **Buy Now and Give Your Children a World of Movement and Fantasy! 🏰🌟 #MotorFairytales #CompleteKit #MagiaEMovimento**

Offer your children a unique experience of movement and magic with the Complete Motor Fairy Tales®️ Kit! 🎁🏃‍♂️